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Develop a portion, 80-100 acres, of state school property into the premiere sports complex in the northeast. Sports have the ability to add to value to the community, health, and wellness of its citizens and generate tourism-related revenue through tournaments and events. Our vision is to turn what was once a controversial and neglected piece of state-owned property into a unique and valuable asset, which showcases NH, for residents and visitors alike. A sports complex will enhance the future development of the state school property and support the efforts laid out in the Master Plan for the City of Laconia.



Redevelopment Opportunity

Governor Sununu commissioned the Lakeshore Redevelopment Commission in 2017 to study the feasibility and redevelopment of the 250+/- acre parcel of land on the Northside of Laconia. A recent study listed a Sports Complex as one of three potential redevelopment scenarios. 

Access & Opportunity

Sports are community oriented and youth focused. A Sports Complex supports local & regional sport organizations and promotes health & wellness to residents and visitors alike. A mix use indoor/outdoor complex will be low impact to the community and maintain green space on the property.

Economic Impact & Tourism

Sports tourism has experienced the fastest growth out of any segment in the travel industry and is considered to be recession resistant when compared to other verticals. In 2017, over 35 million people traveled with an overnight stay to watch or play an amateur sporting event, resulting in $11.4 billion in direct visitor spending.


Benefits of


Sport Facilities

Room nights & economic impact
Branding, perception & image
Quality of life & community enhancement
Tax generation
Fundraising/charitable contributions associated with events/sports
Private sector business
Media value

Families spent over $7 billion on youth sports travel alone and according to Dev Pathik CEO Sports Facilities Advisory, “Families are now planning their vacations around their children’s sporting events... traditional tourist venues are losing business to tournaments.





National Sports Center Blaine, MN





Rocky Top Sports World, Gatlinburg, TN

Frequently Asked Questions

What sports will be offered at the Lakes Region Sports Complex?

At this point in the process it is still too early to answer this question. Once the Lakeshore Redevelopment Commission has greenlighted further research and development of the Sports Complex option we will be able to conduct a feasibilty study and economic impact analysis.

During this stage of the process the Lakes Region Sports Coalition will work with all industry stakeholders to determine interest, opportunity and potential for what facilities to build and which sports to offer. This will be led by the Lakeshore Redevelopment Commission and any consulting groups they hire.

Will this be an indoor or outdoor sports complex?

One of the goals we have for the sports complex development is for it to offer year round access and opportunity for our residents as well as create year round tourism and economic impact. Due to the nature of our climate and in order to accommplish these goals, we envision this complex to offer both indoor and outdoor facilities and programming.

How can I support the Lakes Region Sports Coalitions efforts to development this Sports Complex?

  1. Sign Our Petition on
  2. Follow Us on Facebook
  3. Email a Letter of Support to Chair of the
  4. Spread the word - the more support we have, the better chance we have of making this a reality!

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